About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide affordable and convenient continuing education that satisfies the requirements to renew your Massachusetts Hoisting license.


About Us

Mass Hoisting Coned, LLC is located right here in Massachusetts. We are a leading online learning company exclusively servicing the needs of the equipment operators licensed in Massachusetts. Through online or classroom training, members have access to top quality continuing education necessary to renew their license.


We are Affordable!

We believe that continuing education doesn’t have to be expensive. We provide online hoisting continuing education/training at an affordable price.  The first course costs $50.  Additional courses are just $40 each.  Usually holders of a Massachusetts Hoisting license also hold other construction licenses. Mass Hoisting ConEd, LLC provides affordable online and classroom training for this reason.


Our Program

Our training program is designed specifically to assist Massachusetts licensed equipment operators in complying with the hoisting continuing education requirements established by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety which became effective September 1st 2014. We currently offer classes for all of Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4 licenses.


We Keep it Simple and Stress Free

The information that is taught and presented is the exact material required by the state that equipment operators should know. We don’t require you to take any test at the end of the class.



Contact us at 774-991-5094 seven days a week, until 10pm at night.

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