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Class 4 - Specialty

Here is a brief description of Class 4 Specialty and all of the different classes that can be taken within this particular category.


4B -Drill Rigs

2 Hour Class
CLASS 4B operators may operate Drill Rigs.  This course provides information on the operation, hazards, safe set up of drill rigs, slings and much more. Course Materials – MGL c.146 INSPECTION...

4C -Pipeline Side Booms

2 Hour Class
CLASS 4C operators may operate Pipeline Side Booms.  Included in the course are pre-inspection and post inspection procedures, safe operations and slings. Course Materials – MGL c.146...

4D -Concrete Pumps

2 Hour Class
CLASS 4D operators may operate Concrete Pumps.  This course includes, but is not limited to, safe set up and operation of concrete pumps along with safe shut down and clean up. Course Materials...

4E -Catch Basin Cleaner

2 Hour Class
CLASS 4E operators may operate Catch Basin Cleaners.  This course discusses the safe operation of catch basin cleaners along with personal protection equipment, slings and attachments. Course...

4F -Sign Hanging Equipment

2 Hour Class
CLASS 4F operators may operate Sign Hanging Equipment.  This course reviews basic sign hanging safety procedures, set up and operation and hazards of operating sign hanging equipment. Course...

4G -Specialty Side Boom Mower

2 Hour Class
CLASS 4G  operators may operate Specialty Side Boom Mowers.  The course discusses the safe operation, personal protection equipment, daily operations checks and other required material mandated by...

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