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Class 1 - Hoisting

Here is a brief description of Class 1 Hoisting and all of the different classes that can be taken within this particular category.

1A -Derricks/Lattice Crane

4 Hour Class
1A Operators may operate all friction clutch machines and all derricks (including guy derricks, stiff legs, Chicago booms, gin poles); Lattice boom machinery and may also require a 3A License in...

1B -Telescoping Boom with Cables

4 Hour Class
1B Operators may operate all equipment having telescoping boom and wire rope and all equipment listed in class 1C, Equipment with hydraulic telescoping booms and any other hydraulic equipment...

1C -Telescoping Boom without Cables

4 Hour Class
1C Operators may operate equipment with hydraulic telescoping booms and any other hydraulic equipment designed for the purpose of hoisting, excluding those with wire rope hoist lines and all...

1D -General Industrial warehouse Fork Lift Equipment

4 Hour Class
1D Operators may operate General industrial warehouse Fork Lift equipment primarily used in indoor facilities. Course Material – MGL c.146 INSPECTION OF BOILERS, AIR TANKS, ETC. LICENSES OF...

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